Well, it's a new year and there is a vaccine that is slowly but surely getting out there! It looks like by summertime we should be ready to get back to the beach and return to some normalcy. The sooner we all do our part to get vaccinated and continue to follow guidelines, the sooner we will all be back together! I look forward to seeing you all soon and thank you again for your help and support through this past year!

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Peace and Love 



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Ed Travers Band alumni Irv Berner's new song "Leaving Time" is out now! Check it out here.


Bob Lefsetz Podcasts - If you ever take time to listen to podcasts, we would recommend  The Bob Lefsetz Podcast. Bob is a music attorney and does these great, in depth interviews with music industry people that are both interesting and entertaining. There is one he did this past summer with Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally that we think you will enjoy! We would also recommend the interviews with, Todd Rundgren, Jack Douglas and Shep Gordon for starters.

Camille Saturday music


Our friend Camille Saturday has released a new CD featuring songs she co-wrote with Ed Travers Band alumni Irv Berner! Available now on itunes, spotify, reverbnation among other sites. It's A-1 on the jukebox but nowhere on the charts. You can change that! Enjoy the music/ support the arts!

Camille Saturday music on iTunes!

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