We want to thank everyone for helping us have such a great year and being so supportive! As the summer months are finally here, the band is getting out of hibernation and starting to work again. (Ed gets very lonely in the winter months without them!)
We recently posted some new dates and look forward to seeing you there. We'll be back at Phil's Restaurant along with Rudi's, Meetballs, The Harbor Crab, The Brickhouse and many others so please check the schedule and like us on Facebook.

The Ed Travers Band is proud to be sponsored by Land Shark Beer and we want to thank them for their faith in us and helping to get our music out to you! Please check out this new website of ours, which will keep you informed of where we are and what we're doing. We want to also thank Rudi's Sports Bar in Medford for giving the band a place to stay warm and keep in shape during the winter months. Look out for our gigs there, as they are always special! Along with our favorite venues that we get to play every year we have some new events coming up. We're looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Our deepest sympathies and condolences go out to the Cobb family and our brother in arms, Dave Cobb, for the loss of his brother Chuck. Like Dave, Chuck was an extremely talented musician/performer.  He will be greatly missed.


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